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Document Imaging Services

ARS Legal, Inc. Document Imaging Technologies can help your business make better decisions by converting and organizing documents that drive your business. Our document solutions allow you to build and sustain a competitive advantage by managing content throughout your organization by automating and streamlining day to day business operations.

For over 35 years, ARS Legal, Inc. has been a leader and pace setter in the vast field of document imaging, so let us do for your business what we have done for hundreds of companies throughout California and the nation.

Medical Record Review

ARS Legal, Inc medical record review is a detailed examination of your client's medical records.  Let ARS Legal, Inc. take the time to place your documentation in chronological order and create a table of contents.  Simply click the item in the table of contents and navigate directly to the page in the PDF allowing for review.

This is an inexpensive cost effective solution, a major time saver, reduces doctors time to review and provides a quick reference for deposition and trial.



Information Technology Services

Automating your office is a proven way to increase productivity.  We specialize in evaluating your workflow, and tailoring a solution that will help you increase your productivity and contain your costs.  We are dedicated to making certain your computer system and accompanying software work well together. We are available with telephone, on-line, and on-site support when you need it.

ARS Legal, Inc provides Computer and Network Systems Support Agreements that will give you peace of mind. We will ensure your hardware and software will operate seamlessly, and increase the effectiveness and efficiency of your business.


Workers' Comp

ARS Legal, Inc offers attorneys and insurance companies with limited resources, an alternative to performing time-consuming discovery and subpoena tasks. We have the largest staff of field technicians in California providing efficient, timely copying of records - no matter the volume or type of document - throughout the state.

With paralegals on staff and extensive knowledge of CCP and the Labor Code, ARS Legal, Inc can assist you with full subpoena preparation, notice to parties, and service of process. ARS Legal, Inc is qualified as a third party agent to serve all types of documents.

Civil Litigation

ARS Legal, Inc. diligently pursues personal injury cases to retrieve all records relevant to your case.  If you are a personal injury attorney, ARS Legal, Inc will locate and copy records for your firm and defer payment until the case is closed.  A case is considered closed when you have been awarded a settlement by the court, when you reach a private settlement with the defense, or when it is closed by the attorney conducting the case.

Records produced via the ARS Legal, Inc. copy service will be available to download for a period of 48 months following the date records were copied. After 48 months, records will no longer be available. While they are available, please make sure to download and maintain a copy of all records produced using our Client Records web application.
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