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Civil Litigation

ARS Legal, Inc diligently pursues personal injury cases to retrieve all records relevant to your case.  If you are a personal injury attorney, ARS Legal, Inc. will locate and copy records for your firm and defer payment until the case is closed.  A case is considered closed when you have been awarded a settlement by the court, when you reach a private settlement with the defense, or when it is closed by the attorney conducting the case.

ARS Legal, Inc.'s paralegal team can help make what can be a very complicated process simple for you. Our team possesses the knowledge and resources to access the documents you need within the limits of the law.

  • Copying records anywhere in California
  • Obtaining records from anywhere in the United States
  • Preparing, notifying, and servicing of subpoenas for deposition or personal appearance
  • Carrying the cost of services provided until your case closes
  • Scanning and Digitizing of records to CD, DVD, or to a computer
Records produced via the ARS Legal, Inc copy service will be available to download for a period of 48 months following the date records were copied. After 48 months, records will no longer be available. While they are available, please make sure to download and maintain a copy of all records produced using our Client Records web application.

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