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Document Imaging

ARS Legal, Inc Document Imaging Technologies can help your business make better decisions by converting and organizing documents that drive your business. Our document solutions allow you to build and sustain a competitive advantage by managing content throughout your organization by automating and streamlining day to day business operations.

For over 25 years, ARS Legal, Inc has been a leader and pace setter in the vast field of document imaging, so let us do for your business what we have done for hundreds of companies throughout California and the nation.  ARS Legal, Inc gives you a turnkey imaging solution by preparing, scanning, indexing, storage, and retrieval for organizations seeking an off-site document imaging provider.

After ARS Legal, Inc has digitized all your documents, our staff then processes and maintains strict accountability of all records by indexing each and every document which facilitates any future retrieval of those digitized documents. Once ARS Legal, Inc has completed the conversion and indexing process, your company files are then output to your company's specified delivery media, i.e., single sided/double sided, CD, DVD, with TIFF and or PDF.

ARS Legal, Inc's Imaging Consulting Group (ICG) can provide experienced professional advice for all your document scanning needs.  We have the knowledge, experience, and expertise to create a document imaging system that will allow for fast retrieval for any stored record. We will analyze your requirements for an imaging system, then configure and install a self-contained imaging system for your internal use at a reasonable cost.  Several system options are available including hardware, software, and document storage subsystems which allow ARS Legal, Inc to be as flexible as possible in pricing while maintaining system scalability.

Our experience spans many different industries including Finance, Insurance, Legal, Medical, Law Enforcement, Mortgage Banking, Credit Unions, Engineering, Brokerage, Banking, and Real Estate. Regardless of the industry, our consultants will ensure the technology recommended results in efficiency and cost savings for your business.


Scanning or digitizing, your documents can be accomplished either in your office or at ARS Legal, Inc's secure facility. To facilitate on-site scanning, ARS Legal, Inc circulates mobile scanning teams throughout California, every day. Digitizing documents allows us to store documents in popular image formats, and index documents to identify and quickly retrieve your information from our state-of-the-art image servers.

Document Destruction: Document destruction is available with Certification of Destruction. All documents are shredded and certified disposed.

Document Retention: ARS Legal, Inc currently guarantees document retention to our clients for at least five years from the date the materials were scanned. Let us know if you require a longer retention date.

File Preparation: Before documents are scanned, our imaging staff removes and discards paper clips, staples and two-hole clips. At the scanning stage, a decision is made to scan sticky notes if they contain relevant information, otherwise they too are discarded.

Document Scanning: ARS Legal, Inc scanning software automatically straightens misaligned pages, corrects pages that are too light or too dark, and enhances difficult to see markings made with highlighters, carbon paper, or pencils.

Divider Tabs: All medical records are organized with tab dividers that identify different hospital records and charts, billings, medical history, and doctors' notes.

Image Formats: ARS Legal, Inc can store images in all popular formats including .jpeg, .tif, and .pdf. In addition, we can use Optical Character Recognition (OCR) to facilitate more detailed searches of scanned documents. If you have another file type or image format that you need, contact us for more information.

Document Indexing: Locating and retrieving particular documents is accomplished by indexing. ARS Legal, Inc indexes documents by attaching a number of words to a document's database record. Once these words are sorted, a search can be performed on the database allowing you to retrieve your documents quickly and easily.

Page Numbering: To organize documents and to ensure document completeness, ARS Legal, Inc electronically page numbers documents as part of the scanning and document import process. Easily identified page numbers that range across all the sheets are added to all the pages in your scanned document package.

Document Annotation: As with Page Numbering, any wording can be added as a header, footer or across a document, in another color or a shade.

File Conversion

ARS Legal, Inc not only converts paper files to electronic documents, but also converts electronic documents of one file type, to another. Our ImageScan® software contains a powerful new Optical Character Recognition (OCR) engine that, combined with advanced workflow technology, converts graphic formats like .tif or .pdf files into editable or searchable files.
  • Quickly and accurately scan in forms and convert them to electronic forms that look just like the original.
  • OCR files are text searchable with standard computer applications like Adobe® Acrobat, or Microsoft® Word.
  • Converted documents look exactly like the original complete with columns, tables, bullets, and graphics.
  • Several different types of .pdf file formats are available to optimize graphics, text, or composite .pdf files.
  • Document conversion allows you to transform existing text documents into more common editable formats.
  • Scan Enhancement Tools improve the quality of scanned documents, faxes, and poor quality copies. Straightening, despeckling and color conversion ensure you get quality results.

Document Storage

ARS Legal, Inc's Electronic Document management system provides an online storage for all of your electronic documents.  This will allow you to upload and store your electronic documents online and download any records or closed case files that ARS Legal, Inc has created for you.

Access your secure electronic repository 24/7 from anywhere that you have a computer with internet access for quick retrieval of you documents.

Media Choices

ARS Legal, Inc can duplicate more than just paper. We can duplicate CD-ROMs, VHS video tapes, DVDs, photos - in effect, any type of media.

ARS Legal, Inc can convert an item stored on one media to another. For instance, we can convert VHS, photos, or any printed materials to CD or DVD.

ARS Legal, Inc can enlarge and mount documents to help with your courtroom presentations. 
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