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Elevating the hearing Loss Impairment
Posted: May 1, 2014

Hearing Loss is a usually underrated impairment. Usually you can rate a hearing loss (assuming that you can show that it is industrial) will usually rate out at about 5 or 6% WPI. This is because the hearing loss measurement in the AMA Guides looks primarily at lower frequency tones.

The attorney should look at the communicative problems due to hearing loss in Chapter 13 Page 332 Paragraph 13.3e. This rating for communicative impairment is in addition to the hearing loss from Chapter 11. The communicative loss can get the attorney another up to 9% WPI. One more tidbit to add to the hearing loss is Tinnitis or ringing in the ears. If the injured worker has Tinnitis, we might have sleep problems, anxiety, etc. and can add another 5%.

Firemen and policemen are particular occupations where hearing loss can be a problem. Firemen from the high pitch of the sirens 90 to 100DB (decibels). The policeman, however, is many time subjected to gunfile at 140DB. With anything over 85DB the injured worker should have hearing protection. However, earplugs will give you 15 to 30DB reduction and earmuffs will give you another 15 to 30DB. How many workers are using this kind of hearing protection?

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