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TruFile - Software for law offices that want to create EAMS packages simply, quickly, and with minimal effort. Let TruFile create, assemble, and print your EAMS packages so your staff can use their time more efficiently.

  • Enter client data once and allow TruFile to populate all EAMS and custom designed forms and letters.
  • TruFile can populate single forms and all DWC defined EAMS packages, including cover and separator sheets.
  • TruFile can automatically update Uniform Assigned Name (UAN) data directly from the DWC website.
  • Support for PDF and Docx formats.
  • Predefined EAMS document packages for easy filing with the DWC.
  • Support for custom documents, both PDF and Docx, as well as custom packages.
  • Automatic DWC rule checking on all EAMS forms.
  • Can be deployed for use as both a standalone and shared data systems.
  • Automatic creation of EAMS Document Cover sheets.

Software Requirements
  • TruFile installed in either a single or multi user configuration.
  • Acess to the internet, which allows key components to be updated from the ARSLegal and DWC websites.
  • Microsoft Windows XP, Vista, Windows 7, Server 2003 or 2008
  • Hardware specifications available
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